The use of smartphones and tablets in the workplace has exceeded laptops and desktops. Yet the number of APPs available for business use remains significantly lower than gaming and social resources.

Why? There are more technical and support issues associated with deploying in an enterprise environment. With our extensive business software development expertise, we carry that burden and let you, the subject matter expert, focus on providing the right user functionality for your idea. We support a full range of mobile devices, including iPhone®, iPad®, Windows compatible devices, Android®, Windows Phone® and Blackberry®.

The partnership model describes a very unique working arrangement sharing the responsibilities and rewards of your project. In special cases we can even secure APP development funding for you.

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" spite of many, many changes in scope and detail they managed to not only meet our expectations but to surpass them significantly." read more


"Their responsiveness to our needs, customer service and professionalism made this first foray into this area not only easy but also a resounding success." read more